Raw banana croquette

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3-4 minutes after the last scoop is in the pan, flip the first croquette over and lightly press it down and in 3 minutes they should be ready to go. A softer consistency tastes like casserole, a harder consistency tastes like banana bread without the flour!


Traditional Kentucky recipe for Banana Croquettes from the book "Out of Kentucky Kitchens" written by Marion Flexner. | dessert, dessert, Kentucky, Kentucky, banana, banana, recipe, recipe, croquette

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Banana Croquettes:- 1 C. mayonnaise- 1 T. sugar- 3-4 C. Peanuts- BananasChop the peanuts and put them in a bowl. Mix mayonnaise and sugar in a separate bowl..

Raw Banana Croquettes

2 to 3 pinches chaat masala. oil to deep fry. Method. Method. Cut banana in circles and pressure cook (for 2-3 whistles), remove skin and mash it properly. Add grated green chillies, chat masala, allow to cool. Dry roast semolina in a heavy pan, till aroma exudes. Add 2 tbsp. Of water, stir to form lump.

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CROQUETTES are small rolls containing the ingredients like mashed potato, crumbled paneer, or ground meat with some spices and deep-fried . You can serve this as a starter for your parties.Ingredients 1 raw banana boiled, peeled, and grated2 potatoes boiled, peeled, and grated1 onion chopped 3 tsp cornflourcrushed 3 green chillies1/2 inch ginger1 tsp chat masala1/2 tsp garam masalaSalt to.

Raw banana croquette

Banana Croquettes. Submit Your Recipe Photo. Submitted by Diane Tingle. Ingredients. Bananas, cut in half crossways and peeled; Bag or can of Spanish peanuts; Mayonnaise of your choice; Directions. Take banana halves, cover in mayo, and roll in peanuts. Print Recipe Card. See All Recipes; Previous; Next ;

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For a classic Kentucky banana croquette: Slice bananas, roll them in mayonnaise thinned with a little milk, and then roll them in crushed peanuts. Some call it "banana salad" and serve it on top of lettuce. Judy Drury of Lexington, a Miracle-Whip-instead-of-mayonnaise activist, claims that very few people under the age of 50 know of banana.

Raw Banana Croquettes

Instructions. Boil the raw bananas with the skin in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes. Cool, peel off the skin and mash it well in a deep bowl. Add the crumbled Paneer or cottage cheese to it, add the coriander, cumin, pepper and dry mango powders, chillies, chopped coriander and salt to the mashed bananas and mix well.

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The banana Spanish croquette recipe isn't the first one to play with sweet ingredients and frying them (see fried Oreos, deep-fried ice cream, and more), but it nails it. Technically, you just need a small amount of sugar for the banana croquettes as the fruit already adds some sweetness, and the coating is a bit different too.

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Peel bananas and cut them into halves or thirds. (Just a quick cut across the diameter of the fruit.) Slather the cut bananas with Miracle Whip. (Some people incorrectly use mayonnaise, but avoid.

Flavors Of My Plate Mochar Chop......Banana Blossom Croquette

Remove from heat and allow to cool. Place banana pieces in medium mixing bowl. Spoon cooled dressing onto bananas and gently stir. (The bananas should be just lightly coated, so you may not use all the dressing.) Add 1 1/2 cups of peanuts and stir again. Spoon banana dessert into individual serving dishes.

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Traditional Kentucky recipe for Banana Croquettes (aka Banana Salad or Dressed Bananas) from our good friend. Yum Papa!2 tablespoons flour 3 tablespoons suga.

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Add vinegar, peanut butter, and Miracle Whip and stir to blend, cooking an additional 3-5 minutes until smooth and thick. Pour into a bowl and cool to touch. Peel bananas and cut each into 2 round logs. With spatula or hands, cover bananas with a medium coating of dressing, making sure to cover all areas except the ends. Roll in peanuts.

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Banana Croquettes with Nutella. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Instructions. Prepare a breading station in advance: 1 bowl with flour, 1 bowl with the beaten egg, seasoned with chilli flakes, and 1 bowl with panko. In a smaller pan, pour in the oil at least a thumb`s width and heat.

Raw banana croquette

Banana Croquettes. (I made a small batch, so these are the measurements I came up with) 2 medium to large bananas, halved. 2 Tablespoons mayonnaise. splash of milk. ¼ cup peanuts, crushed. Combine mayonnaise and milk. Cover the halved bananas with the mixture. Roll in peanuts.

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I love banana croquettes. I used to make them, but making banana croquettes is a lot of trouble and messy. Now I skip the salad dressing and just dip my banana in peanuts in an individual serving just for me. But at a church dinner you can sometimes find the real thing. Some people make a fancy salad dressing, but most people just slice the.