Crofton 24Piece Durable Food Storage Set ALDI REVIEWER

Crofton Lunch OntheGo Containers ALDI US

The Verdict: Aldi's Crofton 24-Piece Durable Food Storage Set is Aldi's version of Tupperware. I've had my set for years, and it's held up great other than some of the measurement markings wearing off. These freezer-safe containers are good for storing produce, cheese, leftovers, or anything you need to store. Because the set includes a.

Has anyone bought Crofton storage containers? Do they hold up in

Crofton 10-PC Food Storage Container Set. Price: $12.99 (2023, prices may vary) Available: 7/26/2023 (limited time Aldi Find) Included: 5 containers and 5 latching lids. Two small 1.25 cup containers. Two medium 4.1 cup containers. One large 18.6 cup container.

Crofton 10Piece Food Storage Container Set Only 12.99 at ALDI

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Fortunately, Aldi is selling Crofton's 12-Piece Glass Bowl Set with snapping lids that are both sleek in design and durable and functional. Each set includes six bowls of varying sizes with six matching lids. The snapping lids create a seal with airtight silicone gaskets that are leak-resistant, so you won't have to worry about a mess after.

Crofton 20Piece Meal Prep Containers ALDI US

Crofton Glass Meal Prep Containers. Price: $12.99 (2023, prices may vary) Available: 7/5/2023 (limited time Aldi Find) Set of 4 rectangle containers and 4 matching lids. Colors: Green, Blue or Gray. Dimensions of container with lid: 7.6″ x 5.6″ x 1.8″. Based on the dimensions it should hold about 5.3 cups.

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Crofton Triangle Sandwich On The Go, Orange. Set includes a large (4.21 x 4.21 x 6.69 in.), medium (4.21 x 4.21 x 3.78 in.), and small (4.21 x 4.21 x 3.03 in.) canister Bamboo lid Clear glass construction Perfect for storing pasta, nuts, coffee beans, and more 6 piece set includes 3 containers & 3 lids Glass containers are dishwasher safe Lids.

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Similar sets that include 10 complete meal prep containers are selling for $15-20 per set although there are some bigger sets that include 20 or more for about $20. So the Crofton Containers from Aldi are about $0.40-$0.60 per container vs $1.00 per container that I found online. We will have to see the actual size of these containers to make a.

Crofton 10Piece Food Storage Container Set Only 12.99 at ALDI

Product Information. Perfect for organising your kitchen, fridge, freezer and handy for a packed lunch. The set of 13 Crofton Food Storage Containers have rectangular and round boxes of all different sizes. Stack the boxes for a more efficient use of space in your kitchen. Choose from orange or green with a rubber seal to keep your food air tight.

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Aldi's 12-Piece Glass Storage Set Is Selling for Less Than $20, and Shoppers are Stocking Up. Grab them while you can! Kenn Bivins. Feb 15, 2024. Say what you want, but you can never have too many.

Crofton Glass Meal Prep Containers ALDI REVIEWER

The "Chic" $10 Aldi Organizing Gem That Shoppers Are Clearing Off the Shelves. Emma Kumagawa lives in Los Angeles and is enthusiastic about vegetarian cuisine, fruity cocktails, and oat milk lattes. She can often be found making playlists, thrifting, collecting houseplants, and crafting (current endeavors: crocheting and jewelry making).

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At a convenient price of $4.99, Aldi's set includes a variety of containers to meet different storage needs: eight 5.9-ounce containers, two 18.9-ounce containers, four 25.7-ounce containers.

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Crofton 20-piece Meal prep containers are back at Aldi from 20th September 2023 for $4.99 only. It is one of the most affordable sets of meal prep containers out there. Aldi's meal prep containers come in single and double compartments with transparent lids. They are easily stackable and reusable. The set consists of 20 containers so they.

Crofton Glass Meal Prep Containers ALDI REVIEWER

Priced conveniently at $4.99, customers can expect to find eight 5.9-ounce containers, two 18.9-ounce containers, four 25.7-ounce containers and one 38.5-ounce container included in the set.

Crofton 24Piece Durable Food Storage Set ALDI REVIEWER

Crofton is Aldi's kitchenware brand. The grocery chain often offers versions of name-brand kitchen items, such as a copycat LeCreuset Dutch oven or Stanley tumbler , at a fraction of the cost. The current set of four Crofton mixing bowls with lids is a copycat of Pyrex's mixing bowl set with assorted lids that currently sells at Macy's for $49.

Crofton 24Piece Durable Food Storage Set ALDI REVIEWER

Aldi is known for providing quality, low-priced items week after week and the Crofton 3-Pack Rotating Lock Container Set is no different. And the best part is it's just $10.

Crofton Expandable Lunch Container ALDI REVIEWER

Crofton Glass Meal Prep Containers cost $12.99 at the time of publication for a package of four glass containers and four lids. That comes out to about $3.25 per container with lid.. These Aldi containers come with several different color choices for lids. I purchased one set with dark blue lids and one set with light green or olive lids.