Devilishly dark blackberry gin and tonic punch for your halloween

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Add a touch of magic to your Halloween night with beautiful and delicious mocktails you can easily whip up at home!Try this spooktacular homemade non-alcoholic Gin and Tonic recipe, perfect for Halloween! Ingredients:2oz non-alcoholic Clever gin3-4oz tonicsyringe with grenadine and non-alcoholic bitter liqueur mixtureg

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Drink your dessert with this delicious graveyard martini. Made with Oreos, chocolate liquor and triple sec, this cocktail is as spooky as it can get. 5. Toxic Spawn Martini from Mom Foodie. This Toxic Spawn Martini (the spawn is made from chia seeds) is perfect for witch or mad scientist themed Halloween parties. 6.

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Making the Gin Spritz. Measure the gin and lemon juice into the muddled raspberry mixture. Stir until well mixed. Then, Strain the raspberry gin mixture into a highball glass or large wine glass. Add the sparkling water or club soda, making sure to leave at least 2 inches of room at the top of the glass.

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Halloween Gin Tonic is inspired by the famous Gin Tonic cocktail, but since it's Halloween it becomes bloody thanks to the raspberry juice! A very quick recipe to prepare, with a not excessive alcohol content. The perfect cocktail for any moment of this terrifying evening !!!

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Tonic - I love the floral notes the elderflower tonic gives to this delicious cocktail but feel free to use regular tonic water or soda water plus tonic syrup instead. Variations. Here are some more ways to make this recipe your own: Berry gin cocktail - muddle about ¼ cup fresh blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries with the.

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Reasons why this gin and tonic is PERFECT for Halloween: 1) Cocktails don't get more simple than this! Less time bartending, more time for gruesome garnishes and special effects! 2) Tonic water glows under a black light thanks to the quinine in the soda. 3) Gin is very herbal so it goes great with our cherry flavored BLOOD!

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Instructions. Add the gin, lemon juice and grenadine to your cocktail shaker. Shake for 15 seconds then strain into a high ball glass. Top with tonic water. Garnish with lemon and serve immediately.

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3. Purple People Eater Drink. The Purple People Eater Drink is a must-try Halloween cocktail for gin lovers. This spooky and fun cocktail is a beautiful shade of purple and is made with fresh lemon juice, grenadine, ginger beer, and Empress Gin. The cocktail is topped off with a lychee and blueberry "eyeball" that adds a spooky touch to the drink.

Devilishly dark blackberry gin and tonic punch for your halloween

We confess, it's not really moonlight magic. Thanks to the quinine present in tonic — which becomes fluorescent when it absorbs UV light — this cocktail party trick can be pulled off with a blacklight and a dark room. This cocktail includes maraschino liqueur, maraschino cherry syrup, absinthe, juniper-forward gin and tonic water.

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29. Spooky Gin Spritz. The Spooky Gin Spritz at Good Life Eats is a raspberry and lemon-flavored cocktail that is mixed with sparkling soda for a fizzy Halloween punch.The key to this cocktail's fruity flavor is the fresh muddled raspberry sauce that the drink is built around. 30. Satan's Whiskers.

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Drinking Halloween cocktails (more on that later) Bobbing for apples (it was much more fun when we were allowed to put razor blades in the apples) Buy your new favourite Halloween tradition here. 5 fun Halloween facts to trick (or treat) your friends with. Here are five fiendishly fun Halloween facts to befuddle your friends with this spooky.

Halloween Cocktail grüner Gin Tonic Kathakocht!

1. Hendrick's Lunar Gin. Our final choice of gin, perfect for sipping this Halloween, is yet another offering from Scotland, and it's a truly delightful gin created by Hendrick's. Hendrick's Lunar Gin is a moon-inspired gin with distinctly floral flavours and notes of delicate spice.

A Bloody Good Gin and Tonic Vintage Kitty

Gin and tomato juice. The combination of gin and tomato juice is known as the popular gin cocktail named the Red Snapper! Gin and orange. Gin and orange slice is a classic gin cocktail pairing. You can also substitute orange for orange juice, orange bitters, or blood orange. Gin and apple juice. Apple juice is a great mixer for gin instead of.

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Instructions. Sprinkle some purple decorating sugar on a pate. Using your finger or a paper towel, dampen the rim of a cocktail glass with water and dip the rim into purple colored sugar. Fill the glass with ice. Add the Empress and Contreau. Add Blue Curacao. Add the tonic water and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

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Instructions. Pour gin, amaretto and lime juice in a shaker or jar with lid. Shake until well combined. Place a few ice cubes in 2 glass and divide the gin mixture evenly between the two glasses. Top each glass up with tonic water, leaving a little room at the top. Pour in 1-2 tbsp of cherry juice concentrate "blood". Serve and enjoy responsibly!

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In a cocktail shaker with ice add the gin, lime juice, and acai powder. Shake for 30 seconds with ice so the acai can turn the mixture purple. Fill two small glasses with ice and strain the gin and lime mixture over the top. Top off with tonic water and garnish with a purple flower. If using dry ice, add a piece to the cocktail before serving.