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About 15% of prosecco is used to make sparkling wine. This is probably why people assume prosecco and frizzante are the same things. Furthermore, the Italian phrase vino frizzante is equivalent to semi-sparkling wine. In contrast, the term secco is also used as a substitute for frizzante. However, this does not mean prosecco and secco are the.


Piera Martellozzo Prosecco Frizzante from Prosecco, Italy -.

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A bottle of Prosecco di Conegliano spumante extra dry and a glass of Prosecco frizzante, which stops forming bubbles soon after it is poured. Prosecco (/ p r ə ˈ s ɛ k oʊ, p r oʊ-/; Italian: ) is an Italian DOC or DOCG white wine produced in a large area spanning nine provinces in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, and named after the village of Prosecco, which is in the.

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Prosecco can be made in two styles: fully sparkling (spumante), or lightly sparkling (frizzante). Spumante offers more persistent bubbles, as the gas in bottle is under higher pressure (4-6 bar). Prosecco frizzante has a finer mousse with tiny bubbles, and a much lower pressure (1-2.5 bar). The vast majority of Prosecco is made in the spumante.

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Frizzenti can be served pure, but also makes an excellent base for a range of cocktails. Prosecco was the original main ingredient in the Bellini cocktail and Spritz, and is a key ingredient in a wide range of premium cocktails. Unlike Champagne and Spumante Prosecco, Frizzenti is a Vino Frizzante, or "lightly sparkling wine" in Italian.

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Riondo Prosecco is an authentic sparkling wine that celebrates the easy-living spirit of Italy. This Spumante boasts fresh aromas of Golden Delicious apple, pear, and acacia blossom. Its persistent effervescence is followed by a crisp, clean finish. While delicate and fruity on the palate, this prosecco is the perfect choice to either sip by.

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Maschio Prosecco Treviso Frizzante N.V. A Sparkling wine from Prosecco di Treviso, Veneto, Northern Italy, Italy. Made from Glera. This wine has 74 mentions of tree fruit notes (pear, peach, apple). See reviews and pricing for this wine.


Frizzante takes about a month, while spumante takes about 40 days. Frizzante can encompass multiple sparkling wines, such as prosecco or Moscato d'Asti. These wines pair well with lighter fare.

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Prosecco Frizzante. Italy · Prosecco · Piera Martellozzo · Sparkling wine · Glera (Prosecco) 3.4. 668 ratings. Add to Wishlist. A Sparkling wine from Veneto, Northern Italy, Italy. Made from Glera (Prosecco). This wine has 47 mentions of tree fruit notes (apple, pear). See reviews and pricing for this wine.

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Instead, Prosecco is a specific wine, produced only in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia from the Glera grape variety. Its most popular version is the sparkling one (or Spumante) produced with the Martinotti-Charmat method. But the wine also exists as Tranquillo (still) and Frizzante, even if the production of these versions is much more limited.

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Wines labelled as 'frizzante' are only gently sparkling, while wines labelled as 'spumante' have more fizz to it. Frizzante wines have between 1 and 2.5 bars of pressure at 20˚C. They are defined as semi-sparkling by law and are classified and taxed as still wines. Spumante wines have a minimum of 3 bars of pressure at 20˚C.


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Prosecco's Effervescence and Sweetness. Though some still wine is made, Prosecco is typically frizzante (fizzy) or spumante (fully sparkling). Frizzante wines have lower atmospheric pressure (1-2.5 bars) and often cost less than Prosecco Spumante (5 bars), which seek to be an affordable alternative to Champagne.

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Frizzante (Semi-Sparkling) A Frizzante Prosecco, also known as semi-sparkling, is a type of wine that has fewer bubbles than fully sparkling wines. The bottles are sealed with the cork and string method, which comes from Italy's traditional technique to make it more easily drinkable without spilling out any liquid.