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Chocolate-making is one of the biggest businesses in the world, and as it happens, some of the most famous chocolatiers are located in Belgium. Check out our list of the top 10 chocolate makers in Belgium to get a taste of the rich flavors and stories that have put the country at the forefront of the industry.

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6. Frederic Blondeel Chocolate Factory and Shop, Koekelberg - for innovative flavours. 5. Chocolaterie Mary, Brussels - one of the best spots for chocolate in Belgium. 4. Chocolaterie Luc Van Hoorebeke, Ghent - for high-quality chocolate. 3. The Chocolate Line, Dominique Persoone, Bruges - for world-famous flavours. 2.

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The rest, as they say, is history. To this day, Belgium remains a leading market for chocolate both domestically and around the world. The country supplies 20% of the world's industrial chocolate, contains over 2,000 chocolate shops and has the world's largest factory at Wieze in East Flanders (and even a chocolate academy!), and it's thought that the chocolate sector in Belgium.

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Neuhaus is a beloved Belgian chocolate brand that has been crafting exquisite chocolates since 1857. What sets it apart? Neuhaus is known for inventing the praline, a beloved chocolate delicacy. Their pralines are a symphony of rich flavors and smooth textures, encapsulated in meticulously designed chocolate shells. Neuhaus combines the best of.

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Belgian chocolate has been the food of champions, a lure for lovers, the indulgence of the rich and a favourite sweet treat for people the world over. From Godiva to Leonidas, from Côte d'Or to Neuhaus: Belgium has a wide variety of top chocolate brands and some of the largest chocolate factories across the globe.. But a visit to Flanders isn't just about buying chocolates, there are a.

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100% pure, sustainably sourced Belgian chocolates. Gudrun's signature premium chocolate recipes in dark, milk or white are carefully crafted for maximum flavour, heady aroma, smooth texture, delicate crunch & lasting visual appeal, as our chocolates are highly resistant to unsightly fat bloom. What's more, our top-notch, finely tuned.

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Ingredients: Belgian chocolate has a higher proportion of cocoa liquor to cocoa butter than Swiss chocolate, giving it a richer, more intense chocolate flavor. The Swiss also tend to use condensed milk in their chocolate, whereas Belgians use whole milk. Both add creaminess, but the condensed milk also makes Swiss chocolate sweeter overall.

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So, from world-famous brands like Godiva to lesser-known (but exquisite) chocolatiers like Deduytschaever, here are the best chocolates from Belgium. 1. Godiva. Founded in Brussels in 1926 by Pierre Draps, Godiva is one of Belgium's most renowned chocolate brands.

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PIERE MARCOLINI. 3. GODIVA: Best Belgian Chocolate Brands. Founded by Joseph Draps in 1926 in Brussels, Godiva is another popular chocolatier in Belgium with more than 600 branches and shops all around the globe. It was recognized around the world when it set up its branch in the US in 1966.

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The Belgian Dark Chocolate, with its profound cocoa solid content, has a semi-sweet, deeply chocolatey allure. Our Belgian Milk Chocolate, introduces your senses to a creamier, smoother, and rich experience. Last, but by no means least, Sephra Belgian White Chocolate captivates with its sweet, and luxuriously silky taste.

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The art of Belgian chocolate can be traced all the way back to the 1600's in the town of Ghent (where Bouchard resides).. Each chocolate is only 1.6 grams of sugar per piece. A rich luscious chocolate treat with less than two grams of sugar! The best!" "Excellent chocolates, delivered quickly. Very high quality confectionary and I'll.

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Euphoria: rich and intense caramel. Discover our Euphoria Caramel. PROFESSIONAL BELGIAN ARTISANAL CHOCOLATE Empowering you to delight.. Artisan belgian chocolate. Our high-quality cocoa and gourmet professional chocolate will empower you to delight your customers with chocolate products they'll adore.

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Guylian - One Of The Best High Quality Chocolates In a Great Gift Box. Guylian shell s are one of the world's most iconic Belgian chocolate brands. The traditional gift box includes a seahorse and shells, making it the perfect choice for any chocoholic. Almost 50 years ago, Guy and Liliane founded Guylian Chocolates.

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1. Godiva. Image credit: cacaobug. Out of all the Belgium chocolate brands on this list (and in the world), none are as globally famous as Godiva. What started out as a small boutique in 1926 has now become THE premium chocolate brand from Belgium, well-loved by chocolate connoisseurs around the world.

Waffles, Chocolates and Beer in Belgium 011now's blog

Neuhaus. When it comes to chocolate, Neuhaus has a long and rich history. The company was founded in 1857 by Jean Neuhaus II, and it has been crafting delicious chocolate pralines ever since. All of Neuhaus's chocolate is crafted entirely in Belgium, and the company sources 25% of its cocoa from its own cacao farm.

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GRAND 100% pure, Belgian chocolates are engineered for enchantment. Our signature chocolate recipes strike the perfect balance of taste, bite & shine. Moulded or enrobed, dark, milk or white chocolate encloses fillings concocted in our own kitchens in Lier - rich ganache or praliné, golden caramel, fragrant liqueurs….